About Jeffrey A. Bahary
Jeffrey Bahary’s success in the financial industry began in 1984. On Wall Street, he developed a broad expertise in finance before dedicating his career to wealth management. His years of experience and education have equipped him with the knowledge, talent, and thoughtful intelligence to enthusiastically provide meaningful solutions to his clients.

bikerJeffrey has a true understanding of the changing demands of life and each client’s unique needs. He has the qualifications and commitment to guide you through the many facets in life.

Jeffrey also serves on several local charitable organizations. He enjoys running, golfing, and biking.


About Our Company
Bahary Financial Group is an asset management and financial planning firm providing investment planning services to individuals and businesses. Our primary focus includes retirement planning, wealth accumulation, protection of wealth, and tax efficient portfolios.

We have a true understanding of the changing demands of life and each person’s unique needs. Whether it’s planning for life’s milestones, major purchases, children, education or dreams, to untimely disability, critical illness, or death, we have the ability to guide you.